Client Testimonials

(Tell It Like It Is)


We brought our 13 year old dog , Payton, to Dr Kayla Golan with hope of giving him more mobility (he started to walk very slowly) and to stabilize a cancerous tumor in his heart.  We loved her as soon as we met and so did he.  She was so caring and thorough and I had complete trust in her.

We immediately saw a change in his walk, as soon as he got out of the car when got back home after the FIRST appointment.  Even my husband who is a skeptic couldn’t believe it.  She also recommended various supplements which we used with the acupuncture.  His next echocardiogram showed no change in size of the tumor.

Dr Golan set a weekly schedule for a few weeks, then every two, etc.  We got it to every 6 weeks or so.  I truly believe the wonderful care he received from Dr Golan has extended his life.  We will be forever grateful!

Kim and John D.


We were referred to Dr. Kayla Golan when we were looking for holistic care for our senior cocker spaniel Wrigley. We were originally only looking for acupuncture to help her with pain and stiffness she had in her back but benefitted as well from Dr. Golan’s knowledge of a homemade diet as well as laser treatments. Dr. Golan took the time to really get to know Wrigley.

She got down on the floor and spoke to her and let her know what she was doing as she did her examination and treatments. Wrigley was a very nervous dog and her quiet confidence put Wrigley at ease. Dr. Golan always made us feel that our questions were important and that Wrigley’s care was important to her. She made herself accessible to us and always make Wrigley a priority. We would highly recommend Dr. Golan to anyone considering her for any services.

Kayla B. and Kris M.


We began seeing Dr. Kayla Golan with our 12-year old pure bred Golden Retriever Zoe. She had weakness in her back end and neither our regular vet nor the orthopedic specialist we were seeing could make a diagnosis. Even the x-rays didn’t show any cause of the weakness, but she was getting worse day by day. Instead of getting an MRI and the suggested exploratory surgery, we had Dr. Kayla provide acupuncture and holistic care for Zoe. She was put on several supplements, had a diet change and received electro-acupuncture treatments weekly, then ultimately every 4-8 weeks, for the next 4 years. Zoe improved so much from her treatments that even friends and family commented on how much she had improved and how good she looked. We truly believe that if it was not for the care that Dr. Kayla provided for Zoe, she would have never been able to live out a full and long life. Our dog didn’t just live, she thrived! We couldn’t be happier with the care we received and the quality of life that our beloved pet was able to have in her “Golden” years!

Scott and Tobey