Online Resources

(Above and Beyond)

Mobility Aids

(Go-Go Gadget)


Non-slip Toenail Grips for Senior, Arthritic and Special Needs Dogs


Dog Support and Rehabilitation Harness For Senior, Disabled or Recovering Dogs

Eddie's Wheels

Custom Built Dog Wheelchairs Engineered To Match Your Pet’s Disability

Commercially Available Pet Food Recommended by Dr. Golan

(Let Food Be Thy Medicine)

Darwin's Pet

Frozen Raw

The Real Meat Company

Air Dried Meat Based Foods

Sojos Pet Food

Freeze Dried Raw Meat/Veggie Mixes

Pet Tao

Canned Food

Primal Pet Foods

Frozen and Freeze Dried Raw Patties

Ziwi Pets

Air Dried Meat Based Foods

The Honest Kitchen

Dehydrated Meat/Veggie Mixes

Wild Calling

Canned Food

Raw Bistro

Frozen and Freeze Dried Raw Patties

Grandma Lucy's

Freeze Dried Raw Meat/Veggie Mixes

Evermore Pet Food

Cooked Whole Food Diet


(In The Kitchen)

Coming Soon


(Extra, Extra, Read All About It)

Standard Process

For Standard Process Patient Direct

Nordic Naturals

For Patient Ordering

Animal Essentials

For Online Ordering

Tips on Feeding Your Pet

(Feed Me, Seymour)

11 Tips for Feeding Your Dog Well

Offering Diet Rich in Human-Grade Animal Protein, Avoiding Preservatives, Bowl Cleanliness and More

The Best and Worst Pet Foods

The Best “Pet” Food Money Can Buy…And the Absolute Worst…Pet Food Industry History

Pet Insurance

(Safety First)

Figo Pet Insurance

Dr. Golan recommends Figo Pet Insurance, not only because they have competitive premiums and great benefits, but they cover holistic care including: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Herbs and Laser Therapy! Be proactive about your pet’s health.